“Million Dollar Memories” is a mixed media, multimedia installation that explores my memories of Atlantic City, New Jersey and the impact of the introduction of casino gambling on my family up to the present day. The installation comprises a chair, a table, archive family images and video containing both archive and contemporary photographs. The title references the famous “Million Dollar Pier”.


The project draws on my large archive of images, sounds and graphics, dating back to 1980, and includes more recent work from my March 2016 visit to Atlantic City.


Greco- Greco--2 Greco--3 Greco--4 Greco-0432 Greco-0542 Greco-1537 Greco-1596 Greco-1628 Greco-1639 Greco-1856 Greco-2063 Greco-2102 Greco-2435 Greco-2442 Greco-2496 Greco-3472 Greco-3536 Greco-06490061 Greco-06490086