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(im) perfect


I began this project with the purpose of finding beauty in perfection.


It took me a while to realize that what I was looking for does not exist.


At this point I completely changed the way I had been considering this topic, and I evolved to the Japanese philosophy of wabi sabi. My work started then to be based on the beauty of permanent change and imperfection.


To show these changes, I chose to make different series of photographs of different spots, with three main requirements. The first was that the sky, a natural element in constant change, should be present. The second, that the photograph should be taken at the same spot and same time of the day. With these conditions, I took photographs during four weeks from twelve different places, after which I selected eight of them to be part of the project.


I consider this project as part of a wider research on aesthetics and beauty as we understand it, and how it is something subjective. Starting from a general view, I got more personally involved in the matter and decided to express it in the photographs I have been taking during all this period. I found specially fascinating the fact that everything in the world is constantly moving. I different speeds, nothing remains always the same, and this ephemeral characteristic of the universe is what makes it beautiful.