4.3 Hours is a contemporary forensic investigation on the port of Barcelona, a space in perpetual movement, crossed by those who come and go, by raw materials and merchandise, by drivers and stevedores, by boat crews and passengers. According to the report Cruise Activity in Barcelona: Impact on the Catalan economy and the socioeconomic profile of cruise passengers (2014), promoted by Port of Barcelona and Barcelona Tourism, 2.5 million cruise passengers transit it every day in order to visit the city for an average of just 4.3 hours. The exhibition tracks their steps through Instagram posts that record their short albeit intense visits. Where are they going? What are their stories? What do they do and what kind of images do they generate during that time? A palimpsest of thousands of digital fingerprints recollects and reconstructs the routes of some of these anonymous visitors, providing at the same time significant evidence on mass tourism today and its side effects on our city.