Miao Ting, alumni of the Master in Photography and Design of Elisava, has won the first prize of the prestigious international Life Framer photography competition in the Urban Stories category.

Judged by photojournalist Ron Haviv, this category reunites twenty urban stories from twenty talented emerging photographers. Exploring a range of themes through a variety of approaches, and in locations all over the world, they together represent a body of artistic creativity and technical excellence.

In reference to the winning project, Ron Haviv explains: “This image creates a mood via its great use of color and placement, bringing the viewer to the water’s edge, and in doing so making us wonder about past and future lives in this observation of the world.”

Life Framer’s organization adds: “Confidently sparse in its framing, Miao captures a scene that feels pregnant with anticipation. These two characters seem to hesitantly navigate a strange urban realm, beyond the boundaries of which we are left to wonder what might exist. In an odd way it feels allegorical for our times.”

The Miao Ting work can be seen this fall, along with the other selected photos, in two exhibitions in London (September 24-28) and Milan (October 17-November 5).

Exhibition – London – 2019