Greetings from Barcelona is an artistic intervention by the students and staff of the Master of Photography and Design at ELISAVA, with the postcard as the main theme, medium and end. The postcard has been fundamental in the evolution and popularization of both photography and tourism since its invention in the mid-nineteenth century. It has been for both fields a fundamental driving-force, without which their development might have taken a different route entirely. Nevertheless, the postcard as an image-simulacrum of a picturesque world is nothing more than a fiction created for the tourist. It represents an ideal world; amiable, safe and appealing to all audiences. Greetings from consists of a postcard intervention at various #rutadocfield venues as part of the festival DOCfield2017, an Instagram intervention, as well as this exhibition.


Artists: Nelson Alonso, Toni Amengual, Rosalía Ángel, Sandro Arabyan, Outmane Bakki, Alejandro Beltrán, Axelle Billon, Alexander N. Caraballo, Calecx, María Chaves, Ania Collado Herrera, Christine Teichmann, Guillermo Fernández, Farah Foudeh, Andia Ghanbari, Thomas Groeetteboe, Camila Anaïs, Vanessa Gutiérrez, Marcelo Isurralde, Katharina Klapper, Doris L, Dimitry Levdanski, Chiaoyun Lo, Liubov Lezhneva, Bibs Macias, Carlos Ojeda, Helena Olcina, Nere Oria Iriondo, Angel Palomar, Eve Quick, Andrés Ribón Perry, Jessica Roberts, Elena Rodríguez, Lorena Ros, Ibrahim Sajid, Ryan Swartz, Ricardo Tay-Lee Lama, Miao Ting, Anna Vilaseca Samper, Camilo Villegas, Katherin Wermke.


Curators: Lisa Attard, Doris L, Axelle Billon, Pedro Vicente / Graphic Design: Camilo Villegas, Ricardo Tay-lee Lama, Nere Oria Iriondo, Nelson Alonso  / Web: Dimitry Levdanski / Instagram: Farah Foudeh


Greetings from Barcelona is a Project by Máster Photography and Design, ELISAVA, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Ingeniería de Barcelona.