Street art action developed in Barcelona (Spain) on June 16, 2014. This intervention was conceived in Barcelona within the framework of the ELISAVA Master’s Degree in Photography and Design.

Video made by Sabela Eiriz (vimeo/sabelaeiriz)

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Within the framework of the current digital era, we are oversaturated with images due to the digitalization of photography. Online distribution only accentuates this phenomenon. How does this affect our perception of History’s great photographical works? Is their meaning ever distorted? How can we ever manage to process so much information? Bearing those questions in mind, we bring forward the debate surrounding the infinite reproduction of images and its effect on visual meanings. We want to challenge what we consider to be either negative or positive effects of that multiplication. We do not want to criticize the digitalization nor the online distribution of images. We rather want audiences to reflect upon their roles as visual consumers and creators. We wish to highlight the dichotomy between digital and analogue, physical and virtual, an original photograph and its reproduction.