How does mass tourism affect our city?
What role does the Port of Barcelona play?

According to the report Actividad de Cruceros en Barcelona: impacto sobre la economía catalana y perfil socioeconómico del crucerista (2014), promoted by the Port of Barcelona and Barcelona Tourism, around 2.5 million cruise passengers go every year to visit the city, where they spend an average of 4.3 hours.

Data like the one shown above feed the project ‘4.3 hours‘, of the students of the Master in Photography and Design of Elisava: a contemporary forensic investigation with the port as the central axis showing the short but intense daily visits of the cruise passengers who make a stop in Barcelona from their fingerprint.

How? From a mosaic of Instagram publications that reflect their activity and that of the port as a whole: from the movement of goods and raw materials to human relations between drivers, stevedores, crew and passengers. Where are you going? What are your stories? What do they do and what images do they generate in this time?

The exhibition can be seen from January 25 to 31 at the Palau de la Virreïna, in the framework of the Festival BCNegra 19, which has the Port as an absolute protagonist and, once again, has Mery Cuesta, co-director of the Master in illustration and Comic of Elisava, as deputy curator.