DOCfield Barcelona, ​​the documentary photography festival in Barcelona, ​​celebrates its 6th edition from November 8 to December 9 with the aim of transforming the city, once again, into the international reference centre for documentary photography and visual journalism.

The topic in which the festival focuses this year is love: What are the effects of the affection? Based on questions like this, the event will reflect on this universal feeling through free exhibitions for all public with the aim of inviting people think about reflection, debate and the creation of the public opinion.

Besides the 7 exhibitions of the official section, DOCField 2018 will have 16 invited venues –galleries, art centres, civic centres or schools. One of them will be ELISAVA, which will host the exhibition Batallas del amor from November 22nd. A reflection on the nexuses and the situations in the familiar context: the (lack of)affection marked in the sacred environment of the traditional family. In it, five young authors, all of them students or Alumni of the Master in Photography and Design of ELISAVA, start from the lack of approval within their own family nucleus to negotiate the construction of self-esteem, individual identity and new ties within and despite the family.

Love Battles