On the occasion of the exhibition that Fundación MAPFRE dedicates to Richard Learoyd, and under the organization of our Master’s Degree in Photography and Design, Marta Dahó –exhibition curator and teacher– will talk with Learoyd about his conception of photography in Elisava, about his methods and other relevant issues related to his unique artistic proposal.

Richard Learoyd (Nelson, United Kingdom, 1966) is one of the most recognized contemporary photographers nowadays. His work, which dialogues with both painting and the origins of photography, has its roots in the past, both for the themes and for the technique it uses. The themes respond to the classic genres of traditional painting: portrait, landscape and still life. And the technique consists of direct positive impressions made inside the camera, an artisanal process enhanced by the artist with a dark camera built by himself.

The exhibition organized by Fundación MAPFRE can be visited from June 5 to 8, covering the last ten years of its production, and has 51 works from important public and private collections and from the photographer’s own studio. In addition, the exhibition also includes a landscape made in Spain on behalf of Fundación MAPFRE and which has been incorporated into the Photography Collection of our institution, which already has two works carried out by him.