A CERTAIN AMBIVALENCE is the final Degree show of the 2020 edition of the Elisava Master in Photography and Design. The fourteen projects presented here tackle the yearnings of identity amidst times of uncertainty, through a series of intimate encounters with the self, the others, the surrounding world or even History. Experimenting with different languages such as documentary, digital manipulation, photomontage, the family album and appropiation, they engage in a self-reflective process of revelation and growth.

Manifested in our exhibition, this tandem between the self and the world and between the individual and the community mirrors the patterns of duality and polarisation that run throughout our times. Today, when the domestic space becomes social and the social becomes domestic, the realms of the public and the private, and the virtual and the physical, interconnect in one dissolving reality. These dualisms create, in the words of Kilroy J. Oldster, a “mental mist of ambiguity and a fog of ambivalence that hampers human existence”. And yet, as humans we incessantly aspire to conquer balance or a sort of certainty in the midst of obscurity.

In this exhibition, we have challenged ourselves to expand the horizons of our minds towards an equilibrium. We have also strived to come up with creative ways to navigate these realms of opposites that form inherent part of our lives. This has allowed us to sustain hope. Creativity and reflection will always allow us to go deeper in ourselves and the world.


Students of the Master of Photography and Design of ELISAVA:

Adrià Baquer Calafí, Ada Beltrán González, Victoria Casalduc, Haidé Costa i Villaró, Natalia Davtyan, Carissa Díaz Alemán, Mónica Karina Gómez, Yao Rui Jiang, Paul Mjaes, Vivian Lachner Gasten, Charlotte Lambrecht, Elsa María Meza Agurcia, Pedro Palomeque Esquivel, Andrea Rosero Suárez.

Exhibition curators: Carissa Díaz Alemán, Yao Rui Jiang, Paul Mjaes, Andrea Rosero Suárez.

Space architecture: Paul Mjaes

Exhibition design: Yao Rui Jiang

Texts: Carissa Díaz Alemán

Graphic design: Andrea Rosero Suárez


Visit the online exhibition here 👉 https://bit.ly/3eAvOWv